Enver Hadzijaj



Enver Hadzijaj is an art director and artist who likes to combine two or more disciplines into one activity. He redesigned the identity of Kunstverein München and does the art direction for the art venue Kindl and galleries like Weiss Berlin. He was the art director of magazines like Numero Homme and Fräulein and designs the self-care magazine Torchlight. And watch out for Exlibris :) He had a former life as an illustrator for clients like Die Zeit, NZZ and Dummy. He runs the art space Beach Office with a friend and the items label Lonelydays Qed. He showed his own work at the off-space Fragile. He also teaches, e.g. at Bauhaus Weimar, University of the Arts Bremen, and Zurich University of the Arts. And he has one or two stories to tell.